Report on ‘Comparing Africa’s Copperbelt’ in Uppsala, December 2016

Report by Stephanie Lämmert, Research Associate in Cultural History

The workshop ‘Comparing Africa’s Copperbelt’ was the first project seminar of our ‘Comparing the Copperbelt’ project. It was held at the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala on 5-6 December, 2016 with the conceptual and organizational help of Patience Mususa from Uppsala. It was a path-breaking event for the Copperbelt research community as a whole as it brought together researchers from various disciplines ranging from history to anthropology and from human geography to architecture. Among those attending there were established Copperbelt researchers based on the African continent as well as PhD and early career researchers. It was the first event of its kind that was exclusively dedicated to the copper mining towns dotted along the border of Zambia and the DR Congo. Being part of it felt like a fantastic opportunity to benefit from a room filled with impressive expertise on the region!

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