Conference: ASAUK 2018, 11-13 September 2018 (Birmingham)

Conference: ASAUK 2018
11-13 September 2018
University of Birmingham

Tuesday 11 September: 11:30 – 13:00 [Session 1]

Stream: Unearthing New Scholarship on the Central African Copperbelt
Panel: Comparative Perspectives on the Central African Copperbelt
Chair: Miles Larmer
Room: Arts – Lecture Room 3

Environmental dynamics of a highly polluting industry on the Central African Copperbelt, 1950s-2000s
Iva Pesa
Copperbelt Crossroads: The Expression of Historical Change in Everyday Life
Enid Guene
Years of Turbulence, Years of Hope: Central African Copperbelt and the Industrial Development in Congo-Léopoldville and Zambia, from Political Independence to the Economic Nationalisation
Mostafa Abdelaal

Thursday 13 September: 11:00 – 12:30 (Session 9)

Stream: Open Stream – II
Panel: Writing African History
Room: Muirhead – Room 121
Memorializing Struggle: Dynamics of Memory, Space and Power in Post-Liberation Africa
Jonathan Fisher, Stephanie Cawood
An “Authentic” past? Writing history in Mobutu’s Zaire, 1970-1990
Benoit Henriet
Writing women back into Rwandan history: The life of Nyiramuzungu, c. 1915 to present
Erin Jessee

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