Resources and publications

Project outputs

Miles Larmer, Nation-making at the border: Zambian diplomacy in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Comparative Studies in Society and History, Jan 2019 (available Open Access)

Miles Larmer, Permanent Precarity: Capital and Labour in the Central African Copperbelt, Labor History, March 2017 (available Open Access)

Other resources and publications

Journal articles:

Miles Larmer and Vito Laterza, Contested wealth: Social and political mobilisation in extractive communities in Africa, Extractive Industries and Society, November 2017

Miles Larmer, At the Crossroads: Mining and Political Change on the Katangese-Zambian Copperbelt, Oxford Handbook Online, July 2016

Book chapters:

Iva Peša, ‘Water, housing and (in)formality in Kitwe, Zambia: Infrastructure, citizenship and urban belonging’ in Charlotte Lemanski (ed.), Citizenship and infrastructure: Practices and identities of citizens and the state (London: Routledge, 2019), pp. 104-122

Book reviews:

Corey Ross, Ecology and Power in the Age of Empire: Europe and the Transformation of the Tropical World
Reviewed by Iva Peša


Comparing the Central African Copperbelts: social history and knowledge production in the Zambian copperbelt and Haut Katanga
A talk by Professor Miles Larmer, part of the ‘African Cities’ seminar series at the Centre of African Studies, University of Cambridge, held on 1st February 2016.